Custom Aluminium Plate Boats

Strong and stable, PTF aluminium plate boats are built to last, built specifically for Australian conditions. The SeatamerPTF aluminium plate boats are available in centre console, walk around, half cabin and full cabin styles, allowing you to select the perfect vessel for your needs.

From the PTF5800 to the PTF8400, Pro Tournament Fishing range can fit your boat out with custom options and features including kill tanks, live bait tanks, rocket launchers, rail work and more. No matter your fishing environment, we work tirelessly to provide the best custom plate boats in Australia.

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Aluminium Plate Boats for Sale

Here are boats that are currently in stock and ready for immediate delivery.

PTF5800 Centre Console
LOA: 5800mm
Beam: 2350mm
Weight: 750 – 900KG dry
MAX HP: 175hp
Top Speed: >30knts
Design: AS4132.2 Australian Ship Design
Confirms to: AS1799.1 Small Craft
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  • AS1665 Welding Certification

    All our staff are certified to AS1665 welding structural aluminium, and are tested regularly.

  • Vessel Design

    All our vessels are designed to Australian Standards. Fast craft are designed to Lloyds International standard.

  • Integrated Quality Management System

    Our IQMS encompasses ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO4800 as well as a range of industry specialisations.

  • Qualifications

    Our team members are skilled and experienced. Many hold multiple trades as well as University degrees.

Half Cabin

Australian Aluminium Plate Boats for Sale

Seatamer’s proven pacific ocean design, Pro Tournament Fishing boats are custom aluminum plate boats for Australia’s fisherman. Available in a range of sizes and specifications, including full cabin, half cabin, centre console and walk around configurations.

Given the unmatched durability of our aluminum hulls, the PTF series are suited to oceans, rivers, lakes and bays. With a 10 year warranty, each custom vessel constructed is built to last under the rigours of the unique Australian climate.

Alloy Plate Boats for Sale across Australia

The PTF series range, is a Seatamer with 5 or 6mm alloy hulls. Strong and sturdy, Seatamer’s alloy plate hulls are proven and last under rigourous ocean conditions for extended periods of use.

100% custom built fishing boats, select your base model and then customise for: live bait tanks, esky mounts, bait board, and countless more options. Everything you have ever wanted in a boat is possible. The PTF series is for people who fish more than 12 times a year.