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With a personalised range of plate boats for sale in NSW, Pro Tournament Fishing boats build upon the proven designs of Seatamer Marine’s commercial fishing vessels to provide a fishing experience like no other. Made from 5083 plate aluminium and available as a centre console, centre cabin, half cabin or full cabin, each PTF series plate boat aims to create the optimum vessel for first-class Australian fishing.

Each of our custom plate boats for sale in New South Wales are built with full frames, full-length stringers, self-draining floors, a transitioning tapered deadrise and more. Perfect for the professional, tournament or recreational fisher, the PTF series are proven pacific ocean boats, built to last and perform in a range of sea conditions.

Pro Tournament Fishing Versus The WORLD

Compare the difference between pressed aluminium boats, production aluminium boats and commercial plate boats. Compare the boats!

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For over 25 years, Seatamer has been building custom, aluminium plate fishing boats in Australia.

Seatamer Surtees Stabicraft Yellowfin Formosa
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Warranty 3 years Commercial 10 years Recreational 3 years Recreational 1 years Recreational 3 years Recreational

25 years of experience is what separates our designs. This centre console has 135 degrees of uninterrupted view from the helm. The handrails are built into the roof and the whole top can be folded down for long haul transport. It is the attention to detail, ergonomic design and functionality that separates Seatamers PTF custom built boats from the production boats.

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Everything you need and nothing you don’t. The PFT range can bee fully customised to suit your needs. Our standard is your request. Want the console, cabin or dash taller , wider or deeper. No problem. Want a toilet, no problem. More storage, painted, unpainted, wrapped, your choice or motor, extra live bait tank, deck rollers, davit. That’s right, no problem.

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The difference is in construction. The Pro Tournament Fishing range are commercial designed and built and meet the National Standard for Commercial Vessels (NSCV). Our keel, chines and planning sheets are fully welded inside and out. Our boats are full frame and foam filled for level flotation. This means they are among the strongest boats for their size available and can NEVER sink.

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We don’t think you can break it. Not even if you try. That’s why we offer a 10 year recreational warranty and 3 year commercial warranty.

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With proven ocean performance, Pro Tournament Fishing series by Seatamer are cutting edge commercial designed fishing vessels for professional and tournament fishermen or just those who want the very best. The PTF’s traditional balanced design is based on Seatamer commercial vessels that have been continually used by Governments and commercial boats around Australia for over 25 years. No fancy marketing gimmicks, just a great boat that can be used 365 days per year.

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100% Custom Aluminium boat design and Build

Seatamer boats are designed and constructed to the highest standard regardless of use.

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Why a Seatamer PTF?

For premium quality plate boats across Australia, you can’t go past Pro Tournament Fishing and Seatamer Marine. Our team proudly manufactures custom variations of Seatamer’s professional fishing vessels.

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    Try and break it - we dare you

    3 years commercial or 10 years recreational warranty on all vessels, break it if you can

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    Only the things you want

    Configure the vessel to suit you, none of things you don’t need

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    Long term value

    Designed and built to comply with the NSCV now or in the future

Why People Believe in us?
Customer Reviews
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    Recently I put the Seatamer staff through their AS/NZS 1665 Aluminium Welding Qualification Tests. I was very impressed with the professional workmanship and the attitude of all the crew’s welding. I’ve been a boaty for many years and I would feel very safe in one of Seatamer’s very well built and good looking boats. Rocke, Auckland Welding School. Contact with me can be made through Seatamer.

    Rocke Bryers
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    Professional and local business that builds great boats. “They know boats”.

    Nick Griffin

Aluminium Plate Boats for Sale in NSW

Our aluminium Seatamer PTF series stretch from compact 5.8m 5800 to the 8.4m (8400). Purpose designed for the rigors of commercial and professional NSW fishing; no hulls are built stronger than Seatamer custom PTF series.

With a max speeds of more than 35 knots, and the space saving Commercial square back transom, the PFT Series are the finest plate boats for sale in New South Wales. For more information on specifications and further custom options, get on the line to 1300 998 870.


Custom Commercial Plate Boats for Sale across NSW

Using Seatamer’s proven commercial design as our platform, the customised PTF series truly represent some of the most unique plate boats for sale in NSW. Built by those who live for fishing, our staff understand the importance of each boat’s very minor detail, working tirelessly to deliver the best ocean experience possible.

For more information or to arrange the construction of your brand new PTF Steamer Series vessel, contact Pro Tournament Fishing now via phone or email.


If you’re searching for the pinnacle of fishing and boating excellence, look no further than our collection of custom plate boats in Sydney. Tailored specifically to meet the demands of Australian waters, our plate boats in Sydney combine robust construction with sleek design, ensuring a smooth experience for both the hobbyist and the seasoned angler. Whether you’re tackling choppy waves or cruising in calmer waters, our aluminium plate boats promise unmatched durability and performance.

Each boat is meticulously designed with ergonomic features, reflecting over 25 years of expertise in the industry. We understand that no two fishers are alike, which is why we invite you to customise your vessel to fit your exact fishing style and preferences. With options from a versatile centre console layout to a protective full cabin build, our aluminium plate boats in Sydney are constructed to match with needs, ensuring efficiency and enjoyment in equal measure.


Our aluminium plate boats are renowned throughout Sydney for their strength and agility. The combination of high-grade materials with our advanced welding techniques ensures a boat that not only looks good but can withstand the pressures of both recreational and commercial use. As you set sail from the iconic Sydney Harbour or enjoy the tranquillity of Parramatta River, your Pro Tournament Fishing boat is your trusted companion, offering stability, safety, and superior performance.

Custom aluminium plate boats are ideal for Sydney’s diverse aquatic landscapes. Whether you’re planning an offshore fishing trip or exploring the numerous inlets and bays, our boats provide the versatility required to navigate these environments confidently. Crafted with a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the demands of Sydney fishers, our plate boats are the embodiment of high-quality maritime engineering.


Opting for a Pro Tournament Fishing plate boat means selecting a vessel crafted with precision and care. Consider the following points about why our boats stand out in the Sydney market:

  • Customisable to the Core: Create your dream fishing setup with our flexible design options, ensuring that every Sydney fisher gets precisely what they need.
  • Uncompromised Quality: Our 5083 marine-grade aluminium construction meets rigorous commercial standards, offering you peace of mind in the toughest conditions.
  • Local Expertise: Embrace the craftsmanship of an Australian family-owned business with more than two decades of experience dedicated to exceeding the expectations of Sydney’s fishing community.


Whether you’re an avid competitor or a leisure-focused fisherman, our tailored plate boats in Sydney cater to your specific needs. Our custom build process is influenced by your input, ensuring that every aspect of the boat’s design is reflective of your desires and requirements. This customer-centric approach results in a vessel that not only meets your expectations but becomes a proud symbol of your passion for fishing.

Sydney’s seas await you, and with a Pro Tournament Fishing boat, you’re equipped to embrace them in full. Discover your dream aluminium plate boat in Sydney, tailor-made for the rich diversity of these waters, and elevate your fishing expeditions to new horizons.

For more information or to take the first step in creating your bespoke aluminium plate boat in Sydney, explore our website or contact us at 1300 998 870. At Pro Tournament Fishing, we’re committed to crafting not just boats, but experiences that will resound through Sydney’s fishing communities for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions About Plate Boats in Sydney

What makes the Pro Tournament Fishing plate boats standout in the Sydney market?

Pro Tournament Fishing plate boats in Sydney stand out due to our customisation options, uncompromised quality with 5083 marine-grade aluminium construction, and more than two decades of local expertise. Our boats are built to meet both recreational and commercial demands on Sydney waters.

Are the Pro Tournament Fishing aluminium plate boats suitable for all kinds of waters in Sydney?

Yes, our aluminium plate boats are engineered to suit the diverse aquatic landscapes in Sydney. Whether it's for an offshore fishing trip or exploring numerous bays and inlets, these boats provide the necessary versatility and strength.

Can I customise an aluminium plate boat according to my specific fishing needs?

Absolutely, we allow you to customise your plate boats according to your exact fishing style and preferences. With a range of design options, including centre console layout or full cabin build, your custom plate boat in Sydney can be tailor-made to match your requirements.

How can I get in touch with the Pro Tournament Fishing boat team in Sydney?

Our team is always willing to help and can be reached at 1300 998 870. We are committed to providing transparent communication and personalised service for a seamless plate boat buying process in Sydney.

How does Pro Tournament Fishing ensure quality in their aluminium plate boats in Sydney?

Pro Tournament Fishing sets a new standard for aluminium plate boats in Sydney, selecting the finest 5083 marine-grade aluminium and handling every step of the construction process with utmost care. The final product results in a boat that is built to meet and surpass commercial vessel standards, ensuring your Sydney fishing adventures are backed by strength and longevity.