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Built by professionals with over 25 years of experience building commercial and pro fishing vessels. Pro Tournament Fishing boats are professionally constructed custom plate boats proven to perform in Queensland’s unique ocean conditions. Using Seatamer Marine’s state-of-the-art commercial fishing vessels as a base, we work directly with you to customise each plate boat to your individual preferences and performance needs.

Our vessels come in various options, including one of the best Centre console hard tops on the market. With custom plate boats for sale across Queensland, we offer 3-year commercial, and 10-year recreational warranty. No matter your style of fishing, the PTF series is purpose built for recreational, professional and commercial fishing along Queensland’s coast and waterways.

Pro Tournament Fishing Versus The WORLD

Compare the difference between pressed aluminium boats, production aluminium boats and commercial plate boats. Compare the boats!

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For over 25 years, Seatamer has been building custom, aluminium plate fishing boats in Australia.

Seatamer Surtees Stabicraft Yellowfin Formosa
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Warranty 3 years Commercial 10 years Recreational 3 years Recreational 1 years Recreational 3 years Recreational

25 years of experience is what separates our designs. This centre console has 135 degrees of uninterrupted view from the helm. The handrails are built into the roof and the whole top can be folded down for long haul transport. It is the attention to detail, ergonomic design and functionality that separates Seatamers PTF custom built boats from the production boats.

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Everything you need and nothing you don’t. The PFT range can bee fully customised to suit your needs. Our standard is your request. Want the console, cabin or dash taller , wider or deeper. No problem. Want a toilet, no problem. More storage, painted, unpainted, wrapped, your choice or motor, extra live bait tank, deck rollers, davit. That’s right, no problem.

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The difference is in construction. The Pro Tournament Fishing range are commercial designed and built and meet the National Standard for Commercial Vessels (NSCV). Our keel, chines and planning sheets are fully welded inside and out. Our boats are full frame and foam filled for level flotation. This means they are among the strongest boats for their size available and can NEVER sink.

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We don’t think you can break it. Not even if you try. That’s why we offer a 10 year recreational warranty and 3 year commercial warranty.

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With proven ocean performance, Pro Tournament Fishing series by Seatamer are cutting edge commercial designed fishing vessels for professional and tournament fishermen or just those who want the very best. The PTF’s traditional balanced design is based on Seatamer commercial vessels that have been continually used by Governments and commercial boats around Australia for over 25 years. No fancy marketing gimmicks, just a great boat that can be used 365 days per year.

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100% Custom Aluminium boat design and Build

Seatamer boats are designed and constructed to the highest standard regardless of use.

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Why a Seatamer PTF?

For premium quality plate boats across Australia, you can’t go past Pro Tournament Fishing and Seatamer Marine. Our team proudly manufactures custom variations of Seatamer’s professional fishing vessels.

  • try_break_it
    Try and break it - we dare you

    3 years commercial or 10 years recreational warranty on all vessels, break it if you can

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    Only the things you want

    Configure the vessel to suit you, none of things you don’t need

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    Long term value

    Designed and built to comply with the NSCV now or in the future

Why People Believe in us?
Customer Reviews
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    Recently I put the Seatamer staff through their AS/NZS 1665 Aluminium Welding Qualification Tests. I was very impressed with the professional workmanship and the attitude of all the crew’s welding. I’ve been a boaty for many years and I would feel very safe in one of Seatamer’s very well built and good looking boats. Rocke, Auckland Welding School. Contact with me can be made through Seatamer.

    Rocke Bryers
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    Professional and local business that builds great boats. “They know boats”.

    Nick Griffin

Aluminium Plate Boats for Queensland Waterways

Ideal for rivers, lakes, bays or offshore, the PTF Aluminium Seatamer series feature durable hulls like no other vessel on the market. All Pro Tournament Fishing custom plate boats for sale in Queensland utilise the proven ocean performance of Seatamer’s commercial hull.

The PTF series is available in an array of sizes, from the compact 5800 to the monster that is 8400. In addition, we keep all clients in the loop throughout the entire construction process, allowing for custom specifications and add-ons.


Customised Commercial Plate Boats for Sale in Queensland

At Pro Tournament Fishing, no boat is too big or too small and no customisation is too difficult. Creating custom vessels purpose built for commercial fishing, we use Seatamer Marines cutting edge design, the very same models utilised by numerous Australian government operations.

With unmatched durability, ocean performance, usability and the latest technology, PTF offers a truly unique selection of custom plate boats for sale in Queensland. Furthermore, each customised vessel comes equipped with 3 year commercial warranties.


When you’re looking to elevate your fishing expeditions in and around Brisbane, custom plate boats are the answer for a truly individualised boating experience. Working with Pro Tournament Fishing, you’re not just purchasing a boat; you’re crafting a vessel that perfectly fits your fishing practices and preferences. By choosing to customise your plate boat with us, you’re tapping into a world of tailored options and designs that ensure you’re on the water with a craft that feels like it was made just for you.

Our plate boats in Brisbane come with a vast array of features that can be modified to match your exact requirements. Whether you’re after a specialised casting deck, extra rod holders, or a unique storage solution for your tackle, our team at Pro Tournament Fishing has the expertise to make it happen. Plus, with the heritage of Seatamer Marine’s professional-grade vessels as your foundation, you’re guaranteed a boat with commercial-strength construction paired with a personalised touch.

The benefits of owning a custom plate boat in Brisbane extend beyond the customisation. You’ll enjoy premium handling and performance in Brisbane’s distinctive water conditions, whether you’re navigating the tranquil waters of Moreton Bay or venturing further out for a deep-sea fishing adventure. With each modification, we focus on creating a balance between ergonomics and efficiency, ensuring supreme comfort and optimum performance for anglers of all skill levels.


Opting for an aluminium plate boat gives Brisbane anglers the edge in both durability and performance. These vessels are not only built to withstand the harsh marine environment but also designed to provide a smooth and stable ride. With Pro Tournament Fishing, when you choose our Brisbane-based aluminium plate boats, you can expect:

  • A Lightweight Yet Robust Structure: Aluminium’s strength-to-weight ratio is unparalleled, resulting in a boat that’s not only sturdy but also more fuel-efficient, allowing for longer trips and less concern about the weight of your gear.
  • Long-Term Durability: Aluminium plate boats resist corrosion, making them a perfect match for Brisbane’s salty sea air and waters. They require less maintenance over time, giving you more time to focus on fishing and less on boat upkeep.
  • Customisation at its Core: We understand that no two anglers are the same, which is why we offer complete customisation. From the vessel’s layout to the finishing touches, every aspect of your aluminium plate boat can be tailored to your fishing needs and personal style.

So, if you’re ready to design a boat that’s as unique as your fishing style, get in touch with Pro Tournament Fishing at 1300 998 870 or visit us online to start the journey toward your perfect vessel.

Frequently Asked Questions About Plate Boats in Brisbane

What makes custom plate boats ideal for my fishing adventures?

Custom plate boats from Pro Tournament Fishing in Brisbane are an ideal choice because they offer a personalised boating experience. These boats come with a range of features that can be customised to fit your precise fishing needs. Whether it's a specialised casting deck, extra rod holders, or unique storage for your tackle, these modifications can ensure a perfect match for your lifestyle.

How do I benefit from opting for aluminium plate boats in Brisbane?

Opting for aluminium plate boats provides distinct advantages such as long-lasting durability, less maintenance, and superior performance. The aluminium's strength-to-weight ratio results in a boat that's lightweight yet sturdy and fuel-efficient. These boats are designed to withstand Brisbane's harsh marine conditions, enduring the salty sea air and water.

Can I customise my aluminium plate boat in Brisbane?

Absolutely. At Pro Tournament Fishing, we believe every angler has unique needs, and hence we offer full customisation. From the layout of the vessel to the finishing touches, every aspect can be tailored to your specific fishing needs and personal style.

Why are your aluminium plate boats considered the best in Brisbane?

Our aluminium plate boats are renowned for their quality, durability, and performance. Whether you’re navigating calm rivers or preparing for an offshore adventure, these boats are designed to meet the challenge.

How can I design my custom plate boat in Brisbane?

You can start your journey towards designing your perfect boat by contacting Pro Tournament Fishing at 1300 998 870. Alternatively, visit us online to explore our range of custom plate boats and discuss your requirements with our expert team.