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For unmatched fishing adventure and performance, Pro Tournament Fishing offers a stellar selection of custom-built centre console boats for sale in Brisbane. Our clients know that when it comes to fishing in Queensland, having a reliable, sturdy, and well-designed vessel makes all the difference. The Brisbane fishing community can attest to the superior handling and craftsmanship of our boats, specifically tailored to the demanding marine conditions of Queensland’s diverse coastal environments.

Pro Tournament Fishing Versus The WORLD

Compare the difference between pressed aluminium boats, production aluminium boats and commercial plate boats. Compare the boats!

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For over 25 years, Seatamer has been building custom, aluminium plate fishing boats in Australia.

Seatamer Surtees Stabicraft Yellowfin Formosa
Australian Made right icon cross icon cross icon right icon right icon
Australian Owned right icon cross icon cross icon cross icon right icon
Fully Framed right icon cross icon cross icon cross icon right icon
Foam Flotation right icon cross icon cross icon right icon right icon
100% Customisation right icon cross icon cross icon cross icon cross icon
Proven Commercial Hull right icon cross icon cross icon cross icon cross icon
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Warranty 3 years Commercial 10 years Recreational 3 years Recreational 1 years Recreational 3 years Recreational

25 years of experience is what separates our designs. This centre console has 135 degrees of uninterrupted view from the helm. The handrails are built into the roof and the whole top can be folded down for long haul transport. It is the attention to detail, ergonomic design and functionality that separates Seatamers PTF custom built boats from the production boats.

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Everything you need and nothing you don’t. The PFT range can bee fully customised to suit your needs. Our standard is your request. Want the console, cabin or dash taller , wider or deeper. No problem. Want a toilet, no problem. More storage, painted, unpainted, wrapped, your choice or motor, extra live bait tank, deck rollers, davit. That’s right, no problem.

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The difference is in construction. The Pro Tournament Fishing range are commercial designed and built and meet the National Standard for Commercial Vessels (NSCV). Our keel, chines and planning sheets are fully welded inside and out. Our boats are full frame and foam filled for level flotation. This means they are among the strongest boats for their size available and can NEVER sink.

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We don’t think you can break it. Not even if you try. That’s why we offer a 10 year recreational warranty and 3 year commercial warranty.

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With proven ocean performance, Pro Tournament Fishing series by Seatamer are cutting edge commercial designed fishing vessels for professional and tournament fishermen or just those who want the very best. The PTF’s traditional balanced design is based on Seatamer commercial vessels that have been continually used by Governments and commercial boats around Australia for over 25 years. No fancy marketing gimmicks, just a great boat that can be used 365 days per year.

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100% Custom Aluminium boat design and Build

Seatamer boats are designed and constructed to the highest standard regardless of use.

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Why a Seatamer PTF?

For premium quality plate boats across Australia, you can’t go past Pro Tournament Fishing and Seatamer Marine. Our team proudly manufactures custom variations of Seatamer’s professional fishing vessels.

  • try_break_it
    Try and break it - we dare you

    3 years commercial or 10 years recreational warranty on all vessels, break it if you can

  • confi_icon
    Only the things you want

    Configure the vessel to suit you, none of things you don’t need

  • value_icon
    Long term value

    Designed and built to comply with the NSCV now or in the future

Why People Believe in us?
Customer Reviews
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    Recently I put the Seatamer staff through their AS/NZS 1665 Aluminium Welding Qualification Tests. I was very impressed with the professional workmanship and the attitude of all the crew’s welding. I’ve been a boaty for many years and I would feel very safe in one of Seatamer’s very well built and good looking boats. Rocke, Auckland Welding School. Contact with me can be made through Seatamer.

    Rocke Bryers
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    Professional and local business that builds great boats. “They know boats”.

    Nick Griffin

Centre Console Boats QLD: Unrivalled Quality and Performance

The waters off the coast of Brisbane are some of the most spectacular and challenging in Australia. That’s why our centre console boats for sale in QLD are built to meet and exceed the highest standards of durability and performance. From the calm waters of Moreton Bay to the choppy Coral Sea, our boats are known for their stability, superior ride quality, and exceptional performance.

Our manufacturing process focuses on precision and attention to detail, ensuring every inch of each boat serves a purpose. Whether you are an avid angler or a weekend warrior, our centre console boats in Queensland come with a range of features that can be customised to your fishing lifestyle.

For those looking to experience the difference for themselves, we invite you to compare our brand against others in the market. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in the build of every centre console boat for our Brisbane customers.


Custom Crafted to Conquer the Queensland Seas

When it comes to customisation, our centre console boats for QLD anglers are designed with versatility in mind. Every fisherman has their own unique set of requirements, and our boats are built to cater to these specific needs. By offering an array of custom features, such as rod holders, bait tanks, and state-of-the-art electronics, we ensure your boating experience is both comfortable and effective.

The robust construction, including 5083 marine-grade structural aluminium, is part of what makes our boats reliable in all sea conditions. These vessels are prepared to face the entire Australian coastline, offering peace of mind when you’re out on the open water.

Why Choose Pro Tournament Fishing?

Opting for a Pro Tournament Fishing boat means selecting a vessel that stands the test of time. Based in Toronto, NSW, we bring over 25 years of experience to the crafting of each boat. This depth of experience is evident in the ergonomic design, durability, and excellent after-sales support.

  • Customisation to fit your needs, with only the features you want
  • Built to commercial standards, our boats offer long-term value
  • Australian family-owned business, employing locally and supporting the community

With each centre console boat, you receive the ruggedness required for Brisbane’s varied marine environments, coupled with the elegance of a custom-built watercraft.

Get Your Perfect Centre Console Boat in Brisbane

Call our experienced team today at 1300 998 870 to discuss the range of options available for your new centre console boat, or explore our online catalogue to find your ideal fishing companion. With an unrivalled selection of custom plate boats crafted for Australian conditions, Pro Tournament Fishing is your go-to destination for centre console boats in Brisbane.

Frequently Asked Questions About Centre Console Boats for Sale in Brisbane

What makes your centre console boats for sale in Brisbane stand out?

At Pro Tournament Fishing, our centre console boats in Brisbane are known for their exceptional build quality, precise engineering, and customised features.

How reliable are your centre console boats in varying sea conditions?

Our centre console boats are built with robust construction, including 5083 marine-grade structural aluminium. This ensures they can withstand varying sea conditions, from the calm waters of Moreton Bay to the choppy seas off the coast, providing peace of mind for every angler.

Can I customise centre console boats for sale in Brisbane to fit my needs?

Absolutely! At Pro Tournament Fishing, we tailor each centre console boat to meet the unique needs of our Brisbane customers. From rod holders to bait tanks and advanced electronics, we ensure your boat caters to your fishing lifestyle.

Why should I choose Pro Tournament Fishing when buying centre console boats QLD?

Pro Tournament Fishing provides an unmatched blend of quality, performance, customisation, and after-sales support. We have over 25 years of experience building boats that are durable, comfortable, and tailored to the specific needs of Australian fishermen.

How does Pro Tournament Fishing ensure comfort and efficiencye?

Every model of our centre console boats is engineered to provide an ideal balance between performance and comfort. They come equipped with features that maximise your efficiency on the water, plus our team is readily available to guide you through the selection process ensuring the boat fits your specific needs.