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Custom Centre Consoles

The PTF Seatamer series feature a dynamic range of custom centre console plate boats. Putting you in the driver’s seat, we customise each build for comfort, usability and fishing performance. Centre console’s can be hard top, soft top

With custom centre consoles for sale across Australia, we cater for those fishing diehards who fish more than 12 times a year, The team at Pro Tournament Fishing know just how important every minor detail can be. For this exact purpose, we offer ongoing feedback, photo updates and support throughout the construction phase, ensuring you receive the exact result you want.

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Aluminium Plate Boats for Sale

Here are boats that are currently in stock and ready for immediate delivery.

PTF5800 Centre Console
LOA: 5800mm
Beam: 2350mm
Weight: 750 – 900KG dry
MAX HP: 175hp
Top Speed: >30knts
Design: AS4132.2 Australian Ship Design
Confirms to: AS1799.1 Small Craft
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  • AS1665 Welding Certification

    All our staff are certified to AS1665 welding structural aluminium, and are tested regularly.

  • Vessel Design

    All our vessels are designed to Australian Standards. Fast craft are designed to Lloyds International standard.

  • Integrated Quality Management System

    Our IQMS encompasses ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO4800 as well as a range of industry specialisations.

  • Qualifications

    Our team members are skilled and experienced. Many hold multiple trades as well as University degrees.


Custom Centre Consoles for Sale in Australia

Utilising Seatamer Marine’s proven Australian made vessels as our hull form, the Pro Tournament Fishing team is dedicated to offering the very best custom centre consoles for sale in all of Australia. Built by a family owned business with a long history of building commercial fishing boats, Seatamer work directly with leading naval architects to construct our state-of-the-art centre console plate boats.

Adding high quality finishes to Seatamer’s proven existing commercial hull designs, all PTF vessels sold come with long term value, warranty and only the specific customisations you want.

Australian Aluminum Centre Console Boats

With dynamic steering control, high speeds and a durable hull like no other, the Seatamer Marine PTF series are the finest aluminium centre console boats Australia has to offer. Our unique aluminium plate boat series come in a range of sizes, with custom options for your preference.

Using a detailed design and work plan, we ensure that every centre console vessel is customised and fit for your unique purpose. No matter which type of waterway you frequent, individually customised steering arrangements, bait tanks, pods and cabins can all be arranged to create the optimum fishing experience.